Jenna Pearl, Interrogation Scene Reel 2019

Jenna plays the role of Erin, whose friend Michael has been murdered, in this interrogation scene from 2019.

Come Find Me, A Short Film, 2013

Jenna plays the role of Bella, supportive friend to Shanley Caswell's Jenny Sugar.  Directed by Carolyn Miller and produced by Allison Korrey in 2013.

S&M, A Short Film, 2008

In this short film, Jenna plays the role of Sammy. iThrough double entendres, S&M metaphorically represents the complexity of intimate relationships in a story about Sammy and Miguel, two young friends who discover there’s more than meets the eye in the game they play. S&M had its World Premiere @ the HBO International Latino Film Fest in New York and its West Coast Debut at the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival.

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