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"Interrogation", A Short Film 2020

Jenna plays the role of Anna, a member of a terrorist organization called the New American Socialists, being tortured and interrogated.

Jenna Pearl, Interrogation Scene Reel 2019

Jenna plays the role of Erin, whose friend Michael has been murdered, in this interrogation scene from 2019.

Swipe Right, A Short Film, 2019

In this short, Jenna plays the role of Hayley. The film explores the struggles of modern dating and shows the experience young women have on dating apps. Best Comedy award winner in "Hollywood Just For Shorts" Film Festival 2020

Come Find Me, A Short Film, 2013

Jenna plays the role of Bella, supportive friend to Shanley Caswell's Jenny Sugar.  Directed by Carolyn Miller and produced by Allison Korrey in 2013.

S&M, A Short Film, 2008

In this short film, Jenna plays the role of Sammy. Through double entendres, S&M metaphorically represents the complexity of intimate relationships in a story about Sammy and Miguel, two young friends who discover there’s more than meets the eye in the game they play. S&M had its World Premiere @ the HBO International Latino Film Fest in New York and its West Coast Debut at the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival.

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