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Jenna Pearl

Member, SAG-AFTrA

Bi-Coastal (NYC, LA)

Jenna B LR-160.jpg

"Swipe Right"  short film    Lead                      Sarah Wilson Thacker, Director

"Annie"                                 ADR                          Will Gluck, Director, Columbia 

"Come Find Me"                 Bella                           Carolyn Miller, Director  

"S&M"                                 Sammie                      Daniela De Carlo , Director     

"Voices of the Children"  Supporting                 Sydney Blair,  Director

"Dinner with the Bergmans"  Jenna                   Daniela De Carlo, Director



Generation Me                          Dani Ebner              NYMF 2017

Generation Me                          Dani Ebner              Hudson Theater, Los Angeles, 2016

The Drowning Girls                   Bessie                      Cherubs, Chicago

Pajama Game                            Ensemble                Conundrum Theater, Burbank

Generation Me                          Tabitha                     Flying Monkey Productions, Sacramento

Generation Me                          Dani Ebner              Hollywood Fringe Festival 2014

Generation Me                          Dani Ebner              NYC Fringe Festival 2014  

Into The Woods                         Sleeping Beauty      Kentwood Playhouse, Los Angeles

Sweet Charity                            Charity                       LM Productions, Culver City 

Frankenstein                             Ensemble                  Art in Relation, Long Beach

Rent                                            Lexi Darling               LM Productions, Culver City

A Chorus Line                           Maggie                       LM Productions, Culver City

Crazy for You                            Polly                           LM Productions, Culver City



Mandarin/Chinese (Intermediate)

Israeli Martial Arts (Krav Maga)




Classical Ballet

Modern Dance

Broadway Dance

Scuba Diving




Ice Skating


Piano (Basic)

Guitar (Basic)

Ukelele (Basic)


Attending Barnard College at Columbia University

The Cherubs, National High School Institute, Northwestern University

Colburn School, Los Angeles: Musical Theater Intensive 2014 to Present

Broadway Artists Alliance workshops:  Summer 2013, February 2014, Summer 2014

The Groundlings Improv Theater: Teen Intensive 2014

Acting, Auditions, Cold Readings:  Lea Floden, Margie Haber, Keep It Real Acting (Commercials), Chris Game, Sydney Blair, Zak Barnett, Marcie Smolin

Tap, Ballet, Broadway Dance, Modern Dance: BalletArts (NYC), Steps On Broadway (NYC), Your Neighborhood Studio, Westside Ballet Academy

Voice: Julia Gregory, Peisha McPhee, Celeste Simone, Sue Fink


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